Privacy Policy

At www.georgianaantiques it is necessary that we operate a database of registered clients and buyers to which we have provided a service, and this database also permits registered users to log on to our services. However this personal information is private and will only be used for the purposes intended, that is verification of your details as a customer and their use for communications or mailing purposes. Additionally the registration of clients will permit us to link you to the additional free services we provide, such as our Valuations Service and access to other free services which we will be introducing from time to time.

We therefore guarantee not to allow your private details to become available to any third party or to share your personal details with any other private or commercial entity. Nor will we use any other method such as the use of cookies to gather any further information other than the registration information you have provided and this will be available to you at all times and you will be free to login at any time and amend any information we hold. For example you may need to change a telephone number or an email so that you may remain registered for continuing use of our services, or purchases of stock.

Furthermore we guarantee that we will not contact you for any form of marketing purposes unless you have expressly requested we contact you in respect of future information you have personally requested. You can allow or decline this link at any time by logging into your account details and updating your preference details.

Financial information

If clients at any time make a purchase for payment of goods we will possibly and temporarily hold on our records your banking details, although by the payment types accepted, being cheques and transfers and which excludes payment cards this ensures that we will have no access to securing any further payments from your accounts. Even so you have our guarantee that such records are not saved in our systems beyond the period during which their use is a necessary function of a purchase. This is an important clause and ensures your complete financial security within the systems we operate.