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Our Two Levels of Free Valuation Services

For registered clients and customers in the south east region we offer a  free home visit to appraise multiple items. You must Register before you can use this service. This may incur travel expenses. Please check. For single items, clients must Register and complete  our Free Online Valuation Form and attach images, or contact us for advice and guidance. We will appraise and value all items as an auction hammer price range, that is the price range you should achieve if selling on the open market. This will be issued as a signed Certificate of Valuation. Where requested we can also provide guidance on selling single items or collections.  Where to sell and when to sell may be important considerations in respect of achieving the best price. We can also advise on appropriate fine art auctioneers in your area or specialist auctioneers where appropriate. Please note we have no vested interests beyond issuing the certificate of valuation, which will be emailed as an attachment.  These free services are only available to registered clients.

Online Appraisal and Valuations Form

Only items that are genuine items of value will be issued with a certificate. Submissions which are appraised as late reproductions, fakes and other goods of little value will not qualify for a certificate and clients will be informed by email of our appraisal.

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